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Application Form

This form should only be submitted by the principal owner of the current or future VA. Upon acceptance, the person submitting this application will be considered to be the primary Owner of the VA.

All fields are required and must be entered to submit the application.

Please note that Alliances and unrealistic conglomerates or groupings of airlines under one VA is not permitted and will result in your VA being removed.

Your First and Last name.

Your preferred email address. You will receive important communication there.

Name of your Virtual Airline (VA). Do not forget proper capitalisation. Once set, can only be changed by Team vAMSYS.

Your main callsign prefix (ICAO style) - has to be exactly 3 characters long and forms part of your route callsigns and pilot usernames - XXX 0001 will be the first pilot and XXX 49LJ is a potential ICAO callsign for one of your routes.

Your main callsign prefix (IATA) - has to be exactly 2 characters long and forms part of your route callsigns - XX 1249 is a potential flight number for one of your routes.