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vAMSYS VA Application Form

Learn more about vAMSYS

vAMSYS is trusted by over 100 Virtual Airlines and more than 150 thousand pilots. Our system handles tens of thousands of PIREPs and bookings, millions of position reports and ever-increasing number of routes each month. vAMSYS NOTAMs discord allows for direct communication with the developers and other Virtual Airline Owners and Staff.

Important Information!

This form should only be submitted by the principal owner of the current or future VA. Upon acceptance, the person submitting this application will be considered to be the primary Owner of the VA.

What is vAMSYS?

vAMSYS - or in full - Virtual Airline Management System is the only complete virtual airline management solution, where no coding knowledge is necessary. Set up airports and routes, define fleets, set the PIREP scorers, create events, focus airports, add staff and much more.


Phoenix - our Pilot Interface. If you are a member of any of the VAs using vAMSYS, you will already be familiar with it. This is where pilots book their flights, see and register for events, check your route network, look at other pilots flying on the interactive map, check out your resource and document pages, maybe visit one of the social links you have added or tune in to your Twitch stream.


VDS - our Virtual Dispatch System. Virtual Airline Owners, as well as Area Managers can set up areas for easier navigation of your route network, set up pairs between airports and routing information for them. Highly functional system allows you complete control over your route network, with custom start/end dates, multiple routings per pair, Aircraft Fleet Type allocation and multiple callsign support. VDS is also used to set up and manage fleet types and aircraft within them.


Home for Virtual Airline Owners and Staff. Manage your pilots, tweak all sorts of settings - the list is long to name. Set up auto-reject rules, tweak individual score-sets for each Aircraft Fleet Type. set up document and resource pages, review PIREPs and liveries, import and export your data as well as set up your staff and so much more.


Our in-house ACARS tracker for MSFS 2020, FSX, P3D and X-Plane. All in one solution for all pilots using vAMSYS alleviating the need for VA owners to purchase ACARS tracker and giving pilots a respite from having multiple trackers installed on their system. With Pegasus being developed by us, we can ensure maximum compatibility with vAMSYS code and tune it to suit the needs to VA Owners and pilots with little constraint.

Simple no-tricks pricing

Access to all v3 features and no-card-required 14 day trial.

What's included

  • 14 day staging/setup/trial period

  • Access to all standard vAMSYS Features

  • No upgrade fees for updates or future versions

  • Help and Support on Discord or Email

Simple monthly fee

£20 GBP

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